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Welcome to IELTS in 21 Days

Over the period of 21 days, we invite you to follow these main steps:

  • Get to know the structure of the IELTS test
  • Learn the best strategies for each question type
  • Use the best skills and strategies with practice activities and tests

Key points about this course

  1. It is recommended that you spend approximately 2 hours per day to study for each day of this course. It may be possible to study for only 1 hour each day if you do not need to make major increases in your target score.
  2. You do not need to work for 21 Days in a row. For example, you may choose to work for 3 days per week. If you do it this way, this course will take 7 weeks to complete.
  3. The best device for this course would be a desktop or laptop computer because the materials are easier to view. When you are doing the Activities, it is recommended you use a desktop or laptop computer. However, it will be convenient to watch the videos and listen to audio files using a tablet or smartphone.
  4. All worksheet activities can be downloaded as both Microsoft Word and PDF versions. You only need Microsoft Word so you can download the worksheets and complete your tasks on your computer. If you don't have Microsoft Word, we recommend you download the PDF versions of the activity files.
  5. It is recommended you have at least Pre-Intermediate level (approx. IELTS 4.0) to understand the instructions needed for this course.

If you have any problems, questions or concerns, please email: [email protected]