Video - Speaking Test Structure & Challenges

Key Points

The speaking section of IELTS comes last. In total, it takes about 14 minutes to complete and it is the same test for both General and Academic IELTS.

The best thing about the speaking test is that you already know the types of questions you will be asked and the way you need to answer them.

The structure of the speaking test is as follows:

The key to success is to demonstrate your ability to speak fluently, accurately and for an extended period of time. Often candidates get nervous during this part of the exam and do not do as well as they should.

In parts one and three, candidates are expected to speak for a long time to answer questions.

In part two, candidates should quickly take notes that answer the relevant parts of a question. For example, if the question asks them to talk about what, when, where and why a festival happened, their answer should cover four parts of the answer. Too often candidates do not cover all aspects of the answer, and therefore lose marks.